Vicky Young

Photo: Vicky

Me and my Work: The ovary is one of the only organs in our bodies which doesn’t scar and I am trying to find out how this happens. Other organs and tissue inside the body can develop scars espically after surgery and this can lead to extreme pain. By finding out how the ovary does not scar we can create new medicines to prevent scarring in the future.

Status: Thanks for voting for me :o)

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Ken Dutton-Regester

Photo: Ken

Me and my Work: I’m a gene hunter- I find mutations occurring in the genes of your DNA that cause melanoma (skin cancer). Why? If we find these mutations we can develop new drugs to treat the disease.

Status: Thanks guys! Been heaps of fun! Who's gonna win the big one @Vicky@John

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John Prytherch

Photo: John

Me and my Work: I’m an oceanographer and I use measurements made onboard ships to learn how the ocean and atmosphere affect one another during stormy conditions, when it is challenging to get sensors (and sea sick scientists) to work well.

Status: Waaaah! Beaten at the final hurdle. Congratulations Vicky!

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Jarvist Frost

Photo: Jarvist

Me and my Work: I design molecules to make plastic solar cells better.

Status: Boo, evicted :( Well - good luck to all the scientists, and great to speak to all you students!

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Indi Ghangrekar

Photo: Indi

Me and my Work: I study how animals behave and react appropriately to the time of day (for example, sleeping at the right time of day to avoid getting eaten by predators, or hunting at the right time of day when their food can be found) – which is controlled by a tiny region of the brain.

Status: Let me know if you want to get involved in a human body clock experiment!

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