• Question: Why can't everyone speak the same language ?

    Asked by claire13 to Indi, Jarv, John, Ken, Vicky on 11 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: Vicky Young

      Vicky Young answered on 10 Mar 2012:

      I think the reason everyone can’t speak the same language is because humans evolved in tribes that were scattered across the world and over thousands of years developed language as a means of communication. As this happened in different areas across the world it developed slightly differently in each tribe or location in the world. As the population expanded and grew so did language and it consistently changed throughout time. Even now our language is still changing, there is no way our great-grandmothers would understand OMG.

      Its only in the last 50 years that the world has been so readily connected. In the past countries were very isolated from each other and because of this there was no way that their languages could overlap. Now the internet is here and can connect people from all over the world it might make some really interesting changes to language.

    • Photo: Indi Ghangrekar

      Indi Ghangrekar answered on 10 Mar 2012:

      I like Vicky’s answer!

    • Photo: Jarvist Moore Frost

      Jarvist Moore Frost answered on 11 Mar 2012:

      Because it would be really boring 8)

      Inside my head, it sounds like I’m speaking English to myself. If we all spoke the same language I’d be worried there were whole ideas that people wouldn’t have, because they didn’t have the different words they needed to form them.