• Question: to get my vote what can you tell me to interest me more about science and what you do.

    Asked by liamn to Indi, Jarv, John, Ken, Vicky on 23 Mar 2012.
    • Photo: John Prytherch

      John Prytherch answered on 23 Mar 2012:

      Wow tricky selling myself like this 🙂

      Main thing is that science is a really fun thing to do, no matter what you do. But I think what I do is great because you get to travel and do the exciting adventury side of things (e.g. go to antarctica) and you also do the hard, but important data analysis that helps us with problems like global warming or ocean acidification.

    • Photo: Vicky Young

      Vicky Young answered on 23 Mar 2012:

      Okay well you know what I’m studying and why I guess…. So here is something random I done last year:

      There is a video I made on Tuesday that shows part of my working day! You should watch it – its on my profile 🙂

      I once built a 2 meter uterus and used to to race fake sperm. It was to show that getting pregnant is really difficult when your healthy and when you have unhealthy lifestyles how this can affect your fertility and a sperm reaching an egg! We took it to a music festival and everyone loved racing sperm! That was fun. But it also showed the important work that scientists are doing in the center where I work!